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The world has died. And every day is hell. The only thing keeping you up are the late 50s end of the world beats on the Diamond City Radio. Gun in your hand, and ready to party. Vault 13, 111, 76, 77, all of them plus more. Time for a bomb to drop. It's up to you to keep the party going. Want to see more content like mine? Check out my Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/imagibuilderofficial/

Having a good computer means having a good game! Use arrow keys or WAD Down key to move...

S to use shotgun

Spacebar to use machine gun

G to use grenades. C to use Smoke Pellet M to use Molotov Cocktail

SURVIVE. (And listen to the tunes on the radio with the spare time...)

Don't like the music on the radio? Click it to change the channel...

TIPS: Nuka Cola is interesting. Just like water, it is a risky choice. It restores 2 health, but also adds 2 radiation. Too much radiation could kill you... Super Mutants are dumb. You can get them stuck in a doorway easily, and therefore kill it from there. But be careful! Some of them have guns!!! On the main menu, click on the city to go through the intro. Click on Vault Boy to skip it.

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