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1967 Plays


From the creator of A Boy in Armor
A Plymouth Interactive Fables game

Version 0.8

Use arrows keys to move and jump, click T.0.DD and other objects to get help. Click the box in top-right to delete all progress. Press R to restart game (this deletes saves). Press M to go back to the menu. Press C in the menu to go to credits (credits deletes saves). This game will continue to receive updates.
Play as T.0.DD, as machine box who finds himself wondering who he is, and goes to try and find his creator to find meaning to his life. Will he find the truth? You must find out yourself.

(WARNING: This is a story based game with difficulty, so you are to try to get as much information as possible, as also trying to get through the obstacles)
Rated 10/10 in The Magma Manifesto, Rated 10/10 in Cthornock Productions' Game Reviews, Rated 10/10 by Browngr, Rated 4/5 in the Crigence Critique

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