By: browngr
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Arrows to move, double ^ to double jump, P to punch, K to kick, click on objects to interact

I am a cartoonist, and I am moving on to making my comics into an animated series. So, to add to that, let's make a game of it too! Enjoy! =) You play as G, which is short for my real name in which I will not tell for obvious reasons. (You're basically playing at me, a reference to my huge ego) lol The first villain is Emperor, an obvious remake of DC's Penguin, who is obsessed with explosives and has his hands on all kinds of weapons, even ones made by him. His knowledge of guns makes him extremely dangerous, until you punch him and realize he's just a big pillow without his men and guns. The second villain is Brawn, another remake. (I wonder where I get my ideas from...) Inspired by Dc's Bane, Brawn is a failed military experiment to create the ultimate super-soldier. Now, he suffers from dyslexia, but besides that is extremely smart and powerful with and without his suit. Brawn by day although goes by Brian Smith. The third villain is Rápido, another failed experiment. Not much is known about her past rather than she was Hakk3R's wife before the experiment began. As a side effect, everything in her body works at super-human speeds, meaning that she is immune to almost all sicknesses and can run faster than the speed of sound. Her known history will be shown for Hakk3R. The fourth villain is Assassin. Nope, not a failed experiment. Just the way he was raised. Before he met his fate and was forced into a life of crime, Terry Walker was the nerd of his school, which didn't really get him anywhere good. He didn't have any friends and had forgotten what it was like to go to school without trouble. To add to that, his mom was abusive, a drunk, and his dad was dead. A few days after he had been caught up in a fight and punched in the adam's apple, he woke up in the hospital. He had lost his ability to speak. After coming home, his mother attempted to strangle him after getting too drunk, and he was forced to kill her. After realizing all the world had done wrong to him, he figured that his only coping mechanism was to get revenge for other people. And he took on the strange mismatched suit of the Assassin.

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