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On the TITLE SCREEN, You can go through the Wooden door to play through 4 difficult levels, for a casual performer experience. Go through the Metal door to play Story Mode, the game mode I recommend for starters and pros alike! Play through a variety of minigames, awesome music and visuals, boss fights, and more!

PATCH NOTES (Jul 16 2018):

To allow newer members to cope better with the game, story mode's difficulty has been reasonably lessened: the initial explosion damage was reduced, and many noticeable tweaks have been added to many levels in the first scene (before the first boss fight). Also, a lot of sprites and sounds have been changed to provide a better experience. Many levels have been drastically improved, so we suggest taking a look from the beginning of the story! A new boss is also in progress, so stay tuned!


You may not die once your life is depleted, and saving after beating the first boss will not grant you a life bar when you begin again later. The first problem was not implemented yet for convenient testing purposes, and the save feature will become better in a few days. In the meantime, feel free to go to the editor and begin from "Story title" (the seventh level) if you have saved after the boss battle and cannot play the first scene.

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Thanks for playing, and enjoy the game!

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