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FNAF (Flowlab edition)

1986 Plays

Welcome to Flowlab's scariest game!

Like FNAF: Flowlab edition? Please help support the progress by giving this game a favorite! Play with Headphones whenever possible and at a safe volume. All music is owned by Scott Cawthon.

WARNING!! If you are extremely uncomfortable with Sudden loud noises, Jumpscares, and disturbing content, or you are at the age of 12 or less, WE STRONGLY DISCOURAGE PLAYING THE GAME.

  • Playing for the first time, or just can't figure it out? Click on Guide for detailed information on how to play, basic mechanics, and tips to beating each night!
  • Want an introductory night to start off your experience? Try Night 1 to face off with Bloodbear.
  • Already beat Night 1, or just want a challenge? Try Night 2 for new, unpleasant surprises!
  • Try Night 3 for Improved camera graphics, Less bugs and New mechanics! As it is Night 3, things get quite difficult... and the animatronics get more hostile.
  • Night 4 provides a similar experience as FNAF: Sister Location! Start inside the elevator, pass through animatronic-infested auditoriums, fix downed systems, even a tutorial voice! You'll love it, we guarantee!

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