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The Graveyard

By: Latif
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A new halloween game! Often you see zombies come out from graves.. But ever thought about skeletons! In this game you may not touch the skeletons. And if you do, you die. Try to survive as long as possible, shoot the skeletons and beat your highscore!

Skeleton types:

Spawn from graves:

Skeleton: the default skeleton, just follows you to kill you.
Gun skeleton: holds a gun, shoots only once when he comes out of his grave. Then slowly follows you to kill you.
Bomb skeleton: holds a bomb, runs really fast, tries to drop the bomb near you and run away. When you shoot him before he's near you he'll drop his bomb immediately and dies.
Guard skeleton: holds a shield which has 3 hitpoints. When the shield breaks it's just a default skeleton.
Electric skeleton: A fast skeleton. Teleports behind you when you try to shoot him (only once).

Spawn in air:

Skeleton box: When the box is above you it will fall on the ground. A skeleton will come out of the box. Surprise!
Air balloon: Just flies in the sky and drops bombs, but it doesn't follow you.


Use the arrow keys or W, A and D to move (change in mode select screen). hold space to shoot
press shift to shoot a mega bullet. A mega bullet can go through everything so destroys everything. You can only do this once every game.

In-game music:

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