Uri: Into The Darkness

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*Uri, (meaning my light, the light within myself.) , is a small lighthouse. He stays on the Coral Cove to keep the boats from crashing into the sharp rocks that surround the lands. Uri is a special lad, although he doesn’t quite know this yet. The lands that he protects are what keep the waters safe, for it encloses the darkness within its soil. For years ago when mother earth still roamed the oceans and lands her sister grew those things that kept the lands at balance. She created the night and the shadows that linger beneath those that are solid. But in those shadows she wanted more, She wanted to be seen, so she created the Adie’s , (The dark ones, the darkness within myself.)who were her children. When she released them onto the lads they destroyed everything in sight. With great dispare, mother nature had to incase her sister in the lands of Coral Cove and then all the Adie’s imprisioned in the chambers of Hell. But darkness can only be enclosed for so long. When they hear their mother s cries they break free to free her. This is why Uri is here. Mother nature created him to keep the Adie’s from freeing their mother. When their mother cries for them tears of blood come from their seemingly expressionless faces. The more she cries, the faster they come. You and only you can use Uri’s light to save the lands… Will you trust your light? *

How To Play


Left Arrow = Left Right Arrow = Right

Up Arrow = Jump Down Arrow = Dunk

** Attack = Space Bar** !!(You can try on home screen before playing.)!!

Due To This Being A Flowjam, I was unable to save new changes added to the player to not have the game forever paused.

If You would like to play the game as It was inteded then here is the small adjustments to make to play. :)

1) You can open the game editor, Go to the Player's behavior's and add a pause game to the alerts but connect the first alert to play. And then you can enjoy playin!

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