Darkd0wn Online!

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Arrow keys to move, I will always be updating this! R restarts yourself. Sadly none of the objects will shoot unless another person is playing, so just make another tab and play it letting you play the full game! https://flowlab.io/game/play/1412138 I O and P chat You will learn all of the attacks in the game so don't worry.

Update 1 Saturday:Added in Players 1 and 2, Normy Sword, and everything up to the Hell Hound (Big Shadow Dog Boss) Update 2 Monday: Added in Hell Hound,Spear,The Lost Temple, Chaos Boss, and Leveling up! Update 3 Tuesday: Added the robots. Update 4 Thursday: XP IS EVERYWHERE. Enemies drop it and you get it from quests! Shops take level as currency! Update 5 Friday: Boss fight added Underworld added, Items added. Update 6 Saturday: Clouds... Update 7 Monday:Player 2 temporarily removed until full game is finished. Sorry Player 2. Update 8 Wednesday:Clouds and Tutorial (Click Space bar to skip) Update 9 Thursday: A little bit of Touch up. More speed on player 1.Added Devoured of Universes.

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