The Alchemist's Journey

By: BitWit
113 Plays

The Alchemist written by Paulo Coehlo is a story of personal legend, discovering omens, and making yourself into more. In this reenactment of the famous book, you start off as Santiago who has just become a true alchemist. With his abilities he can summon wind to ward off bandits who want to steal your treasure to short cut their own personal journeys. You will also meet Fatima, Santiago's true love along the way. Do not let your love for her stop you from pursuing your dreams or the love could turn sour! Watch for omens such as Scarab beetles to show you the way to treasure and good fortune. You will traverse the desert of Egypt to find the oasis where Fatima lives, then escape from the warring tribes and their soldiers, and finally traverse the site of the pyramids where you may finally realize Santiago's personal legend.

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