Calzone Cat

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Hello! I worked hours to produce a complete game in 2 weeks, and I was unable to. I put together what I had and made a basic demo. In this game you play as a cat who can transform into a calzone. Use your powers to attack the evil chef army trying to throw you away. From the dough you were created and to the dough you will return. In 2 weeks, I completed:

Advanced movement complete with walk-run system and jump on release of button

Custom enemy AI

Beautiful sprite work

Fluid animation

Custom score counter that takes HP into account, and decides which ending to trigger (endings were not completed, however the game was set up for it)

Custom wave system

Health system

Grease meter for controlling friction

System for transforming into a calzone with invincibility while transformed

A giant mess of logic so unorganized that it could confuse the amazing Pixel Pizza himself

Controls: Arrow Keys - Walk/Run, Jump, Transform

Space - Attack

Shift - Go to next wave

R - Go to title screen

1,2,3,4 - Change the grease level and control friction


Main Developer - AnonymousPizza37/LESSISMORE

Main Artist - AnonymousPizza37/LESSISMORE

Secondary Artist - Visual Fairground ( )

Main Programmer - AnonymousPizza37

Ideas Team - PacificSodda1 and NoFaceArtist

Special Thanks - Visual Fairground for doing the backgrounds, PacificSodda1 and NoFaceArtist for being good friends and supporting me over the past 2 weeks, Grazer for not being an extremely busy and upset owner who ignores the community like most owners of communities are, JR 01 Games for sending me Matsuoka Shuzo, and Pixel Pizza for being awesome and giving the tips in the announcements that reminded me to add sound.

Thanks for playing! I'm sorry that it wasn't able to be 100% completed in the 2 weeks given, however I will be further developing it after a bit of a break, I battled a bad cold to get this game out, I can't wait to be done.

If by some miracle I win this contest I'll sell the console and give the money to missions, as I don't play on consoles much and other people could use the money more than I can. Although honestly, if I got in the featured I'd be pretty happy with it, this is my first Flowjam.

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