Vehicle Battlefield!

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A battlefield game where you play multiple vehicles and destroy enemy spaceships and bases!


1st: Tanks (Raid the enemy base and find the door to the next level)

2nd: Spaceships (Find your way through the Evil fleet and enter the door in the main Cruser)

3rd and Final: Escape the Giant Commit and head back home.

Follow the orange arrow, which points at the objective.


On the planet Earth, in the year 2053 the World War three started and it seemed the battle was on the enemy's side. There was little hope for the country. They wanted to find a way to defeat their enemies before things got bad. They had multitudes of soldiers try to destroy the enemy's power source, but they had all failed. If the power source was taken out, the Enemies went with it. They sent one more soldier.

The soldier was sent on a mission. He was to succeed where others have failed. He was to eliminate the enemies of the humans. His mission was to destroy the enemy military ground base and once he had, he was commissioned to destroy the enemy's commanding space shuttle. He left for the military base in 2054.

"I'm at the wall. I haven't been spotted, at least I think I haven't. Open for teleportation, out." The soldier transmitted through his Radio. The soldier had found a safe brick-walled room in the middle of the base, and he had a plan to teleport himself into the room.

"Copy that, are you sure you want to go through with this mission? In case you don't remember, you witnessed the death of someone who tried to infiltrate this base and failed, and your plan is to teleport yourself straight into the middle of the base? Out."

"Yes sir. I will kill them all. I am equipped with the highest tech cannon the world has created. Teleport me to the base, out."

"Fine, don't get yourself killed. Teleporting you in three, two, one. Teleporting you now." The standby assistant said as he pressed the teleport button. He was worried about the soldier, for the soldier was a friend of his.

This is where you come in. Pilot the tank and the spaceship and complete the mission. The mission starts... NOW!


Level 1: Tank: To pilot the tank, use W and S to move away from or towards the cursor. Use the Spacebar or Mouse click to fire a large bullet.

Level 2: Spaceship: Use WASD to pilot the spaceship. Again, use the Spacebar or Mouse click to fire a bullet.

Level 3: Chase: Use spacebar to move at immense speeds towards the cursor. The player object in the third level never stops moving unless stopped by an asteroid... or death!


General: Follow the orange objective arrow to the level door, which (Quite obviously) leads to the next level. Level 1: Try to stay away from the evil turrets and snipe at them.

Level 2: The enemy has a fleet of large ships containing healers. Venture into the command ships and steal the healers, if you dare! There are many guards posted in each large ship.

Level 3: You are being chased by a large commit. If you get hit, you have to start ALL over. There really isn't any advice. Just fly past the asteroids and don't die!

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