Elemental Kingdoms

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Made for the Summer 2023 Flowjam

By Ember Ren Yatoshi

The 5 Kingdoms of East Vironia (Story)

You are a young soldier living in the kingdom called Mesopia. The Kingdom has no element, as it was stolen when your father was still young. Most people just lived with it and, as the time passed, they forgot. The common folk never worried about things like that. They did what common people did, farm work and an occasional party. Nothing like the battles and hunts that the nobles and castle residents took part in. Alike the common folk, the nobles took the taking of the element stone quite easily and never tried to take it back.

You, however, are determined to obtain the elemental stone of Mesopia. According to myths and legends, the stone was stolen be an evil emperor whose wicked son currently rules the Kingdom of Shaltaria. Those were just legends, now, no one really knows if the emperor is the keeper of the stone. Mesopia used to be the kingdom of Wind before the stone was stolen.

Shaltaria, on the other hand, is the kingdom of Fire. The Imperial army is easily the best in the world, and it would take either three times the soldiers of the Imperial army or a very experienced soldier from the water Kingdom, Saldon, to get past it.

You set out in the year 8325 to take the Wind stone back from the evil emperor. Your family is from the water Saldon but moved to Mesopia after a minor civil war. You have the power of all of the five kingdoms, but the power can only be used for Justice. Are you doing the right thing?.. Or the completely wrong?

Take the stone back to your king and kill the king of Shaltaria before the emperor uses it for even more evil.


Travel through the kingdoms using your 5 elemental powers to overcome obstacles and fight imperial soldiers. You have three lives before you re-start.

Special Controls:

  • Use the number keys, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to switch elemental powers.
  • Double jumping enabled.
  • Hold spacebar to use automatic fire.

Elemental power information:

  • Metal: Creates a metal shield that can block the enemy's attacks.
  • Fire: Is a sniper power and never stops coming. It only gets destroyed when it hits an object.
  • Wind: Has the ability to blow the enemy away. It also deals a small amount of damage.
  • Earth: ___

F for Fullscreen.

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