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World Trip Mobile Port

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Welcome to World Trip!

In this game, you play as a character trying to find and take back his 2 missing magical to-asters. You will travel through the world in this search. Even when the battle is won, there are still Secret Skip cards hidden throughout the game...

Important Controls

If Stuck, Read THIS

To navigate the World Menu, use <- and -> keys and space to select a level. A black circle means the level unavailable, red means you can select it, light red is a transition zone, and yellow means special content (Used in the end game). Press Enter in the world menu to go to the options page. You can also always use the Enter key ingame to go back to the World Menu. Move using A, <-, D, ->, and use Space for jumping. To use buttons, jump on them. You may need to walk around the top to activate them or jump on them multiple times. Levers, and ladders are activated by standing near them and pressing up. Cars automatically move forward. In a car level, all you need to do is jump.

Please Note

 This game *should* automatically save which levels you have completed. If you have issues  with certain things or the whole game is not loading in correctly (Random objects might app-ear like red squares) it *should* be ok to reload the page and try again.
Project originally cloned from World Trip
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