Zero-G Delivery (being remade)

By: BitWit
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Notice! This game is being remade as a new game called Zero-G Delivery Remastered. If you would like to check out the new and improved WIP then check out this link:


Flying a ship through space, what could be more fun? That's what the pizza guy thought until he realized he had to dodge oversized pepperonis and ships fighting over pizza in order to make his deliveries. Luckily the company installed a pizza blaster that can shoot pizza Projectiles! Don't forget to collect the power-ups!


(Version 1.7)
UI improvements (Most things are actually centered)
Invincibility frames after getting hit
The player character and bosses are bigger and easier to see
Small texture changes
Made it easier to become overexerted
Pixa boxes can hurt you now
Changed home and info music to Night Winds by Eric Matya on
Changed Boss music to Restricted Zone by Eric Matya on
Turned Blue Canisters into Spicy jalapenos (Delicious yet intense!)
turned Red Canisters into mushrooms

(Version 1.6)
Removed Halloween textures
Minor bugs fixed
Changed mid-game music to The Triumph of Technology by Eric Matya on
Changed Game over music to Impossible Descesion by Eric Matya on

(Version 1.5)
Halloween Update!

(Version 1.4)
Screen shake added for killing the boss
Completely overhauled the spaceship's behaviors
WASD and mouse controls added
Replaced the star power-up with lightning
Tips Added on death screen
??? Added
Info Screen reworked
Double Movement Fixed
Health System Added
UFO movement changed
UFOs worth five points
Info screen overhauled

(Version 1.3)
Sprites reverted to normal
More overexertion nonsense fixed
Background star sprites tweaked
UFO sprite overhaul
Normal pizza sprite changed

(Version 1.2)
Sprites were changed to the birthday theme
Minor Menu Tweaks
Minor positioning changes
Fixed out of bounds once more
Sound effect added for hitting a pizza box with a pizza
Points and Seconds labels now do not take up the whole top of the screen
Fixed Overexertion bar jank
Pizza box spawn rate has been lowered

(Version 1.1)
Objects now appear randomly rather than in random rows.
Invincibility no longer restores overexertion
Ace Was removed
Multiple out of bounds methods were removed
Death is now instant
Game Over Screen Added
High score functionality added
The name was changed to "Zero-G Delivery"

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