Life Cycle Program

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What Life Cycle Program Is

LCP is a game I have been working on for about a year now. You play as the lowest on the food chain and must survive this world of cute creature and chaos.


Use "W" to move forward and use your mouse to aim forward. To cast lightning as The Smiter, right click. Pressing "Q" with less than 86% energy will give you a energy boost if you have extra energy built up. Pressing "E" will make you shoot out a energy solar that if it hits another Sporne, they will become your friend.


Sporne are the first creatures made to roam this planet. They have a plant like form, but an animal like mind. They eat solar energy to survive. As they become weak, they lose their size, color, and speed.

Update Log:

  • New dash mechanic. (press -Shift- to dash)
  • Title screen.
  • The Bionomicon.
  • A credits page.
  • A controls page.
  • Sound Effects.
  • Monochrome Mode
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