Coin Block
Blocks that dispense coins when bumped
Top Down Example
Top-down, RPG-style player movement
Switches & Keys
Making switches and keys using messages
Health Example
Simple player health
Simple Coin Collect
Collect coins and track score
Coin Collect New Level
Collect coins to complete level
Save Across Levels
Keep values betwween levels
Speed powerup example
Collect a PowerUp to improve speed
Double Jump Example
Double jump & Coyote Time examples
Simple Lighting
A simple lighting effect using an overlay
Screen Wrap Example
Screen wrap your game objects
Look at Mouse
Object always faces mouse
Exploding Box Example
Exploding stuff makes every game better!
Grid Movement Example
Moving your player on a grid
Enemy Movement
Enemies that move back and forth
Enemy Movement Example
Enemies that can jump over obstacles
Auto Type
Text that slowly appears on screen
Enemy Chase Example
Simple enemy that chases the player
Chase Example
More sophisticated chasing enemy
Nametag Example
Name tags that follow a player
Simple Companion
Simple companion following the player
Ladder example
Simple ladder method
Material Example
Different object materials
Heart Example
Display player health using hearts
Spinning Joints Example
Use Spin Joints to make Wheels
Smooth Camera Example
Smooth out your game's camera
Multiple Subject Camera Example
Camera that follows multiple targets
Moving Platform
A simple moving platform
Falling Platform Example
Platforms that fall away when touched
String Example
Draw a line between two points
Minimap Example
A mini map to aid player navigation
Parallax Example
Parallax effect for the foreground
Inventory Example
Player inventory example
Advance Inventory
More advanced inventory
Semisolid Platforms
Platforms the player can jump through
Basic Checkpoint Example
Simple checkpoint method
Advance Checkpoint
More advanced checkpoints
Homing Missile 2.0
Missiles that follow a target
Proximity Count Example
Count objects close to you
The Orbit Example
One object orbits another
Pong Ball Example
Ball that bounces predictably
Advance Orbit Example
One object orbits another
Item PickUp Example
Pick up and carry items
Bundle Library 2.0
Packed full of useful bundles!
Rate Limit Example
Limit how fast something can happen
Sword Example
Simple melee method
Sword Example 2
A different melee method
Flip Gravity
Change the direction of gravity
Shop Example
A shop where you spend coins
Enemy Health Bar Example
Unique health bars for each enemy
Better Bars
Customized bar interface elements
High Score Demo
Save high score across game sessions
Screen Shake
A useful camera effect
Timer Example
Formatted time countdown display
Spritestacking 3D
Stacking sprites for a simple 3D effect
Particle Effects
Some colorful particle effects
Draw A Line Example
A technique for drawing lines
Social Sharing
Social media sharing buttons
Follow Mouse & Scroll
Following the mouse while scrolling
On Screen Buttons
A simple control scheme option for mobile
D-Pad 8 Direction.
A simple control scheme option for mobile
Onscreen mobile joystick control
Controller Example
Use your Playstation, XBox, or Switch controller
Swipe Bundle
Swipe control examples
The classic arcade game
Planet Gravity
Planetary gravity
FlowFX - Particle System
App that builds particle systems for your Flowlab games