Flowlab in the Classroom

Developing computational thinking through game creation

What is Flowlab?

A browser based game creation toolkit. It includes everything required for students to design, build, & program their own games, with no installation needed.
Custom game logic is programmed using the included visual logic builder. The drawing and animation tools enable students to design their own game art.
Provides a student led experience, where students can build and learn at their own pace.

Why Flowlab?

  • No installation, browser based and runs anywhere
  • Student projects accessible from home, stored in the cloud
  • No programming experience needed with visual logic builder
  • Everything included: create sprites, animations and game logic
  • Teacher dashboard provides an overview of all student projects
  • App export enables games to be exported as native Apps
  • Purchase orders are accepted! click here to submit P.O.

Integrates with your Learning Management System

Easily use existing student accounts and classes

Education Subscriptions

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