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Building their own games using Flowlab's creator tools



Using Flowlab to build and collaborate on game projects

Runs in a web browser

Nothing to install and runs anywhere, even Chromebooks!

No coding required

Flow-based visual logic builder lets your students start building logic quickly, without coding.

Everything included

No additional software is needed. Edit sprites & logic directly inside Flowlab game maker

Export Native Apps

Export games as native apps for Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac devices

"the game engine has all the features to keep students engaged with creativity, logic, problem solving, and a sense of accomplishment"

-Jorge Venegas

New Lessons available in the Teacher Dashboard

Try the game project walkthroughs in the Lessons section of the teacher dashboard:

  • Simple Platform Game to start getting familiar with game creation
  • Space Pilot Game to instroduce additional concepts
  • Adventure Game for more of a challenge

Made for your Classroom

Flowlab's tools make it easy to get started with game development. You or your students don't need any prior programming experience

Classroom Dashboard

Easily manage your students, classes, and game projects all from one central location

All Features Unlocked

Student accounts have no limits on the number of games, objects, or levels, and have all premium features available

Lessons to Get Up & Running

Check out our expanding library of lessons and materials in your dashboard to help get you up and running immediately, even if you're not a techie

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Cloud Based

Runs in a web browser, so there is nothing to install, and it runs great on a Chromebooks. Students can easily work or collaborate remotely, and there are no files to manage or lose

Works with your LMS

Works great with or any Learning Management Systems using the LTI standard, like Blackboard, Canvas, or Moodle

What Teachers

are saying about Flowlab

Marie Kittle
Digital Arts Vocational Teacher

"I LOVE Flowlab and so do my kids! I have been using it for years, probably since you started. I will be subscribing again next year. I teach game design to my 6th grade and they just love it! It is so good for problem solving and they love to help each other find solutions! You have an amazing product."

Rebecca Basham
HS Design & MultiMedia Arts Teacher

"I would recommend this to any teacher! The tutorials make it easy for the students to follow along and get a good grasp on the game logic. It is also great to play the other games and then open the edit to see exactly how they created their game logic"

Greg Rusk

"I really enjoyed using flowlab with my game design class. Will highly recommend it to others."

Bonnylin Covey
7th and 8th Science Teacher

"Flow lab is a coding program that my Science students are using as an elective that allows them to create a game that can be played while actively using coding skills and the best advantage is that it is fairly intuitive with a lot of trial and error and discussions. They are learning by doing, which is exactly what I was looking for. And the best part is that the students can play each other’s games and create an actual product. It is fun, active, hands on learning."

John Bartlett

" I would recommend Flowlab based on my experience so far as it offers a great way to teach the principles of games development without the complexities of something like Unreal/Unity. It works on almost any hardware and does not require moving huge files around. I think learners progressing from Flowlab to a 3D games engine will be able to transfer many of the concepts they learned in Flowlab."

Bryan Castello
English/Media/Integrated Science Teacher

"Flowlab is perfect for students (in my case secondary students) because they are already interested in gaming and have a familiarity with the interface. It’s not coding, but it’s a powerful step towards coding. It teaches problem solving and has real time reward. The students I’ve introduced to the platform love it. They are engaged and therefore actively learning without feeling any pressure to do so. This is an ideal learning system. Any computer, media or STEM based curriculum could benefit from it."

Matyas Kreidler

"my students really enjoy building wonderfully creative games. I definitely plan on having this platform available to my students in future iterations of my class"

Audrey Wei
Computer Science Department Chair

"It's an intuitive program that students can quickly and easily create 2D platform games w/o knowing coding. It's easy and fun to make games on flowlab and then publish the game on different platforms"

Jorge Venegas
Technology Teacher

"the game engine has all the features to keep students engaged with creativity, logic, problem solving, and a sense of accomplishment"

Claire Hefford
Year 8 Home Room Teacher

"My students are LOVING using Flowlab and it is by far the best online game development website out there that I know of. I have been looking for something like this since 2018.

The simplicity of being able to access something without having to install applications onto all students laptops has make it so much easier to just start learning and playing. Im a very happy customer"

Greg Puent
Comp Sci Teacher

"I think this is the 3rd year that my Comp Sci class has used flowlab. The kids love the program and often spend hours outside of school on their own creating games. I'll occasionally get emails over the summer asking for help or suggestions"

Doug Harms
Middle School Teacher

"I truly appreciate Flowlab. I’ve been using it for years in the classroom and the last few with the educational accounts. It’s a great tool that engages many students who normally ‘check out’ and the problem solving they willingly dive into is always great to see"

Frequently Asked Questions

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Once a request is recieved, we will send you an invoice right away. Just let us know once your invoice is approved, and we'll upgrade your account so you can get started.

Invoices can be paid via the Credit Card link at the bottom, or by sending a check to the listed address

No. When you cancel your upgrade, your students accounts will be downgraded to free versions as well, but their games will remain available to play or edit.
Upgraded accounts have a "help" button at the bottom of the page, click this button for priority support.
Yes. The "delete class" and "delete student" buttons in your dashboard will completely delete all student account and project data.

Building Creators, not Consumers

So many students spend hours passively consuming endless hours of digital media. This is not usually their fault - they aren't being given access to the tools they need to become digital Creators instead of Consumers.

You can introduce them to the world of Video Game Development, leveraging their existing interests as a springboard. Chances are, many of them already have ideas about the types of games they would like to build, the stories they want to tell, and the types of characters they want to bring to life.

Game development is a great way for students of all ages to build "foundational technical skills and experience practical applications of mathematics they learn in class. It also provides the perfect digital medium for creative expression - where stories, characters, and animations interactive logic are brought together.

I built Flowlab as a way to introduce game development and programming logic to my own kids. It has since been adopted by thousands of Schools, After School Programs, Libraries, and Summer Camps all over the world who love it.

You don't have to be a Video Game Expert or a programmer to learn (or teach) game creation using Flowlab. It runs in the cloud so there is nothing to install and it's perfect for remote learning (It even works great on Chromebooks).

Ken Railey
Founder & Developer of Flowlab

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