The Witch in the Woods


Cynthia the young Witch

Cynthia is a witch that is the protector of this forest. One day, on her way back home, she finds appearances of monster ravishing through this forest. You must remove these monsters from the forest and find the cause of their invasion.


The controls are listed on the title screen and the pause menu, but here they are listed below:


Magic is selected by the number you press. The elements are Blizzard, Lighting, and Firebolt. Each one is stronger than the other, but some enemies will have different damage to the spells.

Blizzard - is a short range attack

Lighting - is a mid-range attack

Firebolt - is a long range attack

MP restores every second after 2 second of MP usage.

Attacks take 2 MP and 2 seconds to recharge each.


Winter Flowjam 2023

Created by JR 01 and Glowbug

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