Information about how to get started building games with Flowlab

Video Tutorials

Step by step demonstration of creating a simple game with flowlab.

Helpful Examples

Examples of common game mechanics and effects implemented with Flowlab

User Guide

User guide, explaining the user interface with overviews of

  • Levels
  • Objects
  • Physics
  • Behaviors
  • Exporting Games

Mobile & Desktop Export Guide

Export your games to Apple devices and App Store, Android devices for Google Play and Amazon, Mac and PC computers.

Multiplayer Handbook

Online multiplayer games in Flowlab for advanced users. This handbook provides an overview of multiplayer game creation, along with documentation of Flowlab's multiplayer features.

Getting Started

Quick start introduction to using Flowlab. This guide steps through all the basic steps required to get started building a simple game. It contains:

  • Game Settings
  • Creating & Editing Game Objects
  • Basic Game Physics
  • Adding and Switching Levels

Introduction To Behaviors

Behaviors are what make your game objects come alive. You can link behaviors together to create sophisticated logic, using them to create innovative game mechanics. This introduction contains:

  • Opening the Editor
  • Adding, Tweaking, & Removing Behaviors
  • Linking Behaviors Together
  • Types of Behaviors

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