Universal Crumble

By: sup3r87
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Universal Crumble

Made for summer flowjam 2022

Jam theme: Out Of Space

Got feedback? Visit the forum post here: https://community.flowlab.io/t/universal-crumble-summer-flowjam-2022/37388

Oh no!! A scientist's quark experiment went horribly wrong, and now a void of vaccuum decay is very rapidly spreading across the entire galaxy! This phenomenon is causing the galaxy to run out of space! The scientists have tasked you with piloting a racing drone the center of the galaxy to activate an ancient machine that can destroy the void. You have to race the void to the center though, and saying the task will be hard is an understatement.

Universal crumble is a game that teaches you how real spaceflight works. This game will teach you about what movement in space is like (it's not just hitting the main thruster constantly!) on a 2D plane. go for a fun run with easy mode, or test your piloting skills with hard mode. Good luck!


WASD: navigate 4 directions

SHIFT: activate galacdrive engines (boost)


Mouse: aim

Left click: shoot


95% of code was made myself, the other 5% copied from my other games.

Made entirely with the SHELTZY-32 color pallette. All sprites by me.

All sounds were used from flowlab EXCEPT one SFX from mario kart and one SFX from the internet(memes).


Main menu: Ben Prunty - FTL Soundtrack Cosmos 4th Quarter

Galaxy map: Big Giant Circles - Uncharted Worlds remix (unfinished)

Level 1: Natzure - 16 Sunrise

Level 2: Agent Whiskers - Subspace Cavaliers

Level 3: FantomenK - Super rad raygun: Warsara

Level 4: Sabao - Ganbare Goemon 2 Karakuri castle stage BGM Remix

Level 5: Tiasu - Hole

End screen: bLiNd - White Skies X


Learn more about the changelog on the forums

V1.1 Intensity update

-added doom mode

-advanced settings menu added

-advanced settings include background contrast and extra UI object toggle-ability

V1.2 Bragging rights update

-added a splash screen

-slight polish to advanced settings menu

-added letters above each level that shows what difficulty it was beat on (resetting data will reset them!!)

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