Well, The results are in.

The game reviews have been tallied, and the Winner is One Minute Miner, by Greggo. A surpisingly fun game about breaking rocks, decorating a castle, and getting berated by a king all at the same time. The King's personality is kind of the star of this game.

The competition was once again intense, and there were some very impressive games created in just two weeks.

Here are some that deserve a special mention:

The Illusionist by BitWit
2nd Place Winner
BitWit nabs second place for the second Flowjam in a row with another very polished, fun, and great-looking game about a magician doing battle with card-based spells. The core game mechanic is interesting and fun, and it's hard to believe when playing it that this game was created in two weeks.
Dome Survival by TGW
3rd Place Winner
A difficult-to-categorize game from new game developer TGW. Maybe this is the introduction of a new genre? Either way, this quirky puzzle/shooter concept is pretty fun to play.
HyperChaotic Bounce by CrimsonBlackGames
Honorary Mention
The premise is simple: bounce the ball as high as you can. But the reality of playing it is both infuriating and fun in turns.
Electric Rougarou by Bmarzi
Honorary Mention
A strange and funny Cyberpunk Werewolf Infinite Runner game. No, that's not a typo. As with all Southpaw Entertainment games the graphics are charming, and the randomized levels means it's different on every playthrough.
Neon Break by F3Art
Honorary Mention
From the description: a puzzle-action game about spinning into monsters and breaking your bones. That sums it up, but doesn't quite do it justice. The gameplay is simple, but really tough and requires quick reflexes. The graphics and theme are unique and contrbute to the slightly dark theme.
One Shot by JohnnyBoyGames
Honorary Mention
This entry proves that fun games don't have to be complicated. Minimalist graphics and gameplay that is nontheless very replayable and fun.
There are more great games as well, too many to list. View all entries here

What's a Flowjam?

Flowjam is a competition where everyone gets a limited time (two weeks) to create a complete game from start to finish, based around a single theme.

This year the summer Flowjam will begin on July 12th, 2021. Submissions will close and Judging begins on July 26th, 2021 at Midnight.

Remember to come back and review all the games after you enter!

Come join the Flowjam Discord Channel or the Summer Flowjam 2021 Forum thread to discuss ideas, encourage each other, ask questions, or whatever else.

Flowjam Main Theme
Bonus Themes (Choose One or More)

What's the theme?

This time we're doing something different with the themes. There is a main theme, which is Tap or Swipe, and there are 3 bonus themes too. For the bonus themes, just choose your favorite one (or two, or use all three if you want!). The bonus themes are Can't Stop Moving, Breakable, and Random.

As an example, your game could use:

  • Tap or Swipe, and Breakable
  • Tap or Swipe, and Random
  • Tap or Swipe, Can't Stop Moving, and Breakable
  • Or any other combination of Main theme and One or More Bonus Themes

Keep in Mind!:
Mouse Clicks are converted to Taps automatically!

What can I win?

  1. The winning game developer will receive their choice of either an iPad or Galaxy tablet.
  2. The winning game will be featured on the Flowlab home page
  3. The winning game will be exported & submitted to the Apple App Store
  4. The winning game will be exported & submitted to the Google Play App Store

Winter 2021 Flowjam Winner Todorrobot with prize:

Why should I participate?

Making games is fun! Also, this is a chance to challenge yourself to try new ideas, improve your skills, possibly win a new mobile device, and get your creation published to the top mobile app stores.

Who can enter?

Anyone, from anywhere. Feel free to collaborate and help each other, but only one prize will be awarded. Entrants outside the U.S. will be responsible for any Customs or other fees incurred.

The Rules

  1. Your game can include any art or music you have legal permission to use, but anything not created by you during the jam should be listed in the game's description.
  2. Don't create your game until the contest starts - on July 12, 2021 - the game creation time is listed under each game.
  3. Submissions will be closed on July 26, 2021 at midnight EST
  4. Although all entrants can vote on the game submissions, Grazer will have the final say on the official winner.
  5. Only games created using Flowlab can be submitted
  6. No purchase necessary - free accounts are welcome and encouraged to submit games!

Judging Criteria

  • Theme How well the game adhered to and used the theme
  • Fun How fun the game is to play
  • Art How does the game look and sound
  • Creativity How unique are the graphics, the mechanics, and the overall design