What is img Flowlab?


A browser based game creation toolkit. Flowlab includes everything required for students to design, build, & program their own games, with no installation needed.

The visual logic builder and the drawing and animation tools provide students with a led experience to build and learn at their own pace. Sign up for a free trial now!

Why should I img use Flowlab?

  • > No download required.
  • > Teacher dashboard.
  • > No programming experience needed.
  • > Everything included - create sprites, animations and game logic.
  • > Student projects are stored in the cloud, accessible from anywhere
  • > Export games as native apps.
  • Sign up for a free trial

Integrates with your Learning Management System

Easily use existing student accounts and classes

Education img Subscriptions

Sign up for a School or Teacher plan and get:

  • > Classroom dashboard to manage
    classes, student accounts, and games.
  • > All game features unlocked for students.
  • > Purchase orders are accepted!
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Request a 7 day free trial img of the Teacher
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