Building Creators, not Consumers

So many students spend hours passively consuming endless hours of digital media. This is not usually their fault - they aren't being given access to the tools they need to become digital Creators instead of Consumers.

You can introduce them to the world of Video Game Development, leveraging their existing interests as a springboard. Chances are, many of them already have ideas about the types of games they would like to build, the stories they want to tell, and the types of characters they want to bring to life.

Game development is a great way for students of all ages to build foundational technical skills and experience practical applications of mathematics they learn in class. It also provides the perfect digital medium for creative expression - where stories, characters, and animations interactive logic are brought together.

Schools Using Flowlab:


What is img Flowlab?


I built Flowlab as a way to introduce game development and programming logic to my own kids. It has since been adopted by thousands of Schools, After School Programs, Libraries, and Summer Camps all over the world who love it.

You don't have to be a Video Game Expert or a programmer to learn (or teach) game creation using Flowlab. It runs in the cloud so there is nothing to install and it's perfect for remote learning (It even works great on Chromebooks).

Why should I img try Flowlab?

  • Visual Logic Editor makes it easy to get started programming
  • Cloud based, perfect for remote learning!
  • Everything included - create sprites, animations and game logic
  • Nothing to install, and always up-to-date

Education img Edition

Flowlab Education Versions Include:

  • Teacher dashboard to manage
    classes, students accounts, and game projects.
  • All features unlocked for your students.
  • 6 Starter Lessons
  • Purchase orders are accepted!
  • Now works with
Marie Kittle
I LOVE Flowlab and so do my kids! I have been using it for years, probably since you started. I will be subscribing again next year. I teach game design to my 6th grade and they just love it! It is so good for problem solving and they love to help each other find solutions! You have an amazing product.
Greg Rusk
I really enjoyed using flowlab with my game design class. Will highly recommend it to others.

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