Cosmic Stranded


Play in Fullscreen for the best experience

Stranded in space using the materials from planets to survive.



Planets can give you food and fuel but the Earth identical one will give the most food while the blue cloudy one will give you the most fuel. Click on the cookie to feed yourself, if at 100% Hunger you will heal 5 HP every second. At 0% Fuel the rocket will break down and fall resulting in death. Make sure to eat and fuel up! Clicking the steel block can also repair the ship!

Gathering Resources

Clicking planets will destroy them and give you it's resources which can either be Food, Fuel, or Materials.

Earth Identical- 2 Food, 1 Fuel, 1 Material. Cloudy Blue Planet- 1 Food, 2 Fuel, 1 Material. Barren Wasteland Planet- 1 Food, 1 Fuel, 2 Material.

If an asteroid is speeding towards you make sure to break it the same way with planets or it will damage you and your ship! To heal your ship click the steel block to repair it.


Survive the most days for the highest score on the leaderboard! Be the best survivor!

Credits to my friend David/HiddenEyesStudio I guess for telling me to draw a core in the broken planets. (he wanted me to credit him for this) ALSO CREDITS TO GHOSTMAKER_0 FOR THE MOUSE DRAWING!!!!