Plants vs zombies Mini (flowlab edition) (ver.1.0)

1040 Plays


(arrowkeys to move)
(Z to plant peashooter)
(X to plant sun flower)
(C to plant Iceberg lettuce)
(V to plant a puff-shroom)
(hold A then click on a lawn mower to activate it)

(D to shoot a giant pea {cost 300)

Hold S and click on a plant to activate it's plant food effect (3 uses)

Today's challenge

  • Pressing Z will only cause you to plant a pumpkin instead of a peashooter

  • You can plant puffshroom by pressing [ D ]

  • Heavy Fog covers the field

1.4 Halloween update 2.0!

  • Removed the easter egg and gift
  • Changed a ton of sprites
  • added fog
  • now you must click on a sun to collect it
  • Added some more animations
  • Changed Planting controls
  • Iceberg lettuce will now, not overlap other plants
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