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Hello and thank you for playing my game! Terraria: Flowlab Edition is played by moving with the arrow keys and using 1 through 8 for equipment. 4-8 is locked when you start, as you have not found any equipment. The right side of the keyboard is item placement. (S is Stone, W is Walls, A is Sand, and D is Dirt.) The Chests and Companion Cubes are opened by touching or jumping on them. There are so far 5 pets: Baby Snowman, Death Sphere, Stardust Cell, Tiki Spirit, Baby Eater, and Magic Lamp. Don't worry, the baby snowman will teleport to you if you get far enough away! So far there are 34,743 blocks in Terraria Flowlab!

All of the weapons in the game are: copper Sword (button 3), Firey Greatsword, which is found in Wood chests (Also 3), Wooden Bow, Which is found in Wooden Chests, (Button 4) Morning Star, which h is found in Bone and Wodden chests (Button 5), Chtulu yoyo, which is obtained by killing Skeletron (Button 6), Breaker Blade, which is obtained by killing The Wall of Flesh (Button 8), and finally a Saphire staff, which is found in Bone Chests.


 There are also four bosses: Eye of Chtulu, Eater of Worlds, Skeletron and the Wall of Flesh. They are listed in reccommended order and it is also reccomended that you build/carve some sort of arena to fight them in.

What's new in V3.0?
Added Corruption, the Wall of Flesh, and the Amethyst Staff! There is also an 8th pet: Baby Skeletron! Little Eaters are also added to the game.

3.2 The Corruptors will now spawn after killing the Wall of Flesh.

3.3 The lag is FIXED!!!!

3.4 A Boy in Armor is added! Your welcome rcreger.

Thank you to Crigence, rcreger, and Magmadude100 for reviewing my game.

3.5 Added a Bowie Knife... Pet? Your welcome Toastmaster!

3.6 Made a random Second Form for the Bowie Knife! :)

Added Bunnies!

Updated the Breaker Blade texture pack.

Thank you so much for 430 plays!! :)

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