A Little Evil

By: rcreger
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( Version 3.2) Welcome to Doctor Who: A Little Evil, where you play as the villain in this scenario. The Dalek's are the most hated species in the universe, but now you get to experience from their side of the spectrum. Go and retrieve the information of the Doctor's whereabouts using the arrow keys to navigate through the courses, and P to pause the game. You will meet U.N.I.T., the Dalek Emperor, and the Cybermen along the way, but not all of them are friendly. There are also lasers... (Hint: You can destroy a Cyberman by jumping on it's head, but it will still do damage to you, so try to avoid them. Tanks, however, you can jump on without getting damage, but try not touching it's front side, or it'll shoot!) Several bugs have been fixed, and no, the Dalek's can't fly in this one! (There only seems to be graphic glitches only when it is on HTML5 mode) Good Luck! Rated 9/10 in Sublime Slime, Rated 4/5 in Crigence Critique, Rated 7.1/10 in Game Review (Biscuit Butter)

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