Slime Slay

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Rated 4/5 on "The Crigence Critique" Rated 9.5/10 on "bored reviews" Rated 8/10 on "Game review!"

How to play

  • ARROW KEYS to move

  • (.) to shoot

  • ? (/) to dash

  • press O to summon the 2nd player

  • (2nd) F and H (left,right) T to jump.

  • (2nd) Q to shoot

  • (2nd) W to dash


  • Defeat the boss without dying

Update 1

  • added an animation cue for the boulders, vines will wiggle
  • the boss' looks will change upon a certain hp and become a bit harder

  • Thanks Crigence!

Update 2

  • added a second level (different art)

  • added a second player

  • (please note that 2nd has lower hp)

planned updates

  • more levels obviously

Can you beat the second (unfinished) level?? - <

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