A Boy in Armor

By: rcreger
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A Boy in Armor

From the creator of A Little Evil
A Plymouth Interactive Fables game

Version 2.7

Use arrow keys to move, space bar to hit, use “D” to sprint forward, “A” to sprint backward, and click objects to learn more about the world of this adventure, and how to go through this land!

Try to find hidden books to find secrets of Fiirlothgard, and the Long War (Total of 5 books, try to find them all!)

(WARNING: This is a story driven game, so you must try to get as much information out of the game as you go through it)

Rated 9/10 in Sublime Slime, Rated 8.6/10 in Game Review (Biscuit Butter), Rated 8.1/10 in Thorough Micro Reviews (TMR), Rated 4.6/5 in LawkRD (super mini reviews), Rated 4.5/5 or 9/10 in Clammyteepee’s Game Reviews, Rated 10/10 in Game Reviews With Weekly Competition

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