Temple Runner Retro

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Your favorite game from Learning Acrobatics With Knifes Studios (L.A.W.K.S).
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W, Space bar, Or up arrow, to jump.
R to restart level. (If you get stuck then it automatically after awhile, but you should just press R), top right corner to pause.
Press C on the main menu to go to credits
On the main menu there is a icon in the top left to reset your save, top right to go to shop, and skins.
Click your character to go to the main menu, or click pause the "M".
there's only 10 levels at the moment.
LEVEL EDITOR, if you go into the editor there is a level editor for you!
Bored Reviews: 8/10 Magma Manifesto: 10/10 Sublime Slime: 9/10 LawksRD: 5/5 Crigence critique: 4/5 GAME REVIEW: 8.75/10 Cheesemonger: 13/15
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