Treasure Odyssey

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Sorry if this looks bad I'm still learning. To control the blue guy use the arrow keys and to control the human use wasd. Your goal is to grab all gems and coins within the level

Note: please don't try to control both Characters at once unless they're side by side as it causes the camera to freak out

Update notice 2/7/19: Map was made bigger for more exploration, More Coins and Gems to grab, Music for the game, new sound effects, interact-able Npc and a special challenge for those who've adjusted to the game's mechanics and wanted to test themselves.

Update Notice 2/8/19: Expanded the level more and adjusted the characters so that they can now hurt each other (as of yesterday), finished the first level and I've already started making the second one!

Update Notice 2/9/19: Second level officially completed including new enemies and a third level on the way

Update notice 2/10/19: The third level is being delayed as I've decided to take a short break from the development in order to take in some feedback from the people playing. I'll be back in production soon

Update Notice 2/11/19: New title screen made, different music for each level added and more coming soon

Update 3/14/19: Fourth level is finally completed introducing another new enemy and another new obstacle...

Update 4/16/19: after a minor slip up on my part the game is back to normal and the finally is well on its way

Contact me here:

Feel free to send your feedback on my discord server and I hope to see you next update until then enjoy the game

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