Color Wars(Game Jam)

321 Plays

The colors are at war. You are one of the last Cyanians alive. Defeat the Redirs and bring peace to the color kingdom.

Controls: WASD, Shift to run, and Spacebar to shoot a beam (M-suit required), B to open shop.

Shop: B to open and close shop. M-suit costs 15 power gems, Health pack costs 6 power gems, blue storm costs 6 gems, lil buddy costs 9 gems, and upgrade lil buddy costs 5 gems.

The trail behind you damages enemies. Golden blocks advance you to the next level. Red blocks and spikes damage you. Falling below the screen will result in instant death. Wooden bridges will fall after touching them, metal bridges fall after touching them twice. Most enemies do not have contact damage, but instead damage you through their projectiles with the exception of a couple enemies.

M-Suit: Gain 2 additional hearts, a longer trail, and the ability to shoot a beam(spacebar) which damages enemies.

Notes: This is the game jam version. You can select levels you have previously been to in the level select. By walking backwards and off the screen at the beginning of each level (except 1) will take you to the previous level. Every fifth level has a boss.

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