Stealthy Ninja

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Stealthy Ninja

Get together with a group of people to try to master every single room in the dungeon, and escape from the boss when you find him. You and your sneaky friends must work together as allies. If one player escapes, everyone wins.

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WASD: Move O: Use Item



  • Wanders randomly
  • When one person gets caught, the guard starts moving faster

Sleeping Guard

  • Remains stationary
  • Get too close and he will attack you


  • Stationary enemy that searches for you
  • Will alert other enemies (except other cameras)


  • Moves from side to side, hoping to bump into you
  • Can move horizontally or vertically

Elite Guard

  • Moves faster than the Guard
  • Alerts all enemies if you get caught


  • Bounces around
  • Moves slower the more it bounces on things


  • Can catch you through walls
  • Alerts all enemies if you get caught


  • Smashes through walls to catch you
  • Automatically chases you
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