Jump Examples

By: JR 01
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Use Arrow Keys

There are 3 kind of Jumps in this test.

  1. Timed meter

  2. On/Off Meter

  3. Hold Jump

Timed Jump:

You jump as high depending where you stopped on the Meter. This is shown with the RED meter.

On/Off Jump:

You jump very short or you jump very high. Pressing the jump will give you a short jump. Holding until the GREEN bar appears will give you a higher jump.

Hold Jump:

You Jump higher depending on how long you hold during the jump.There are 3 versions made for the Hold Jump. The first uses my original Idea that was made for this Jump. The second character uses timers to look smoother as you jump. The Third is the most recent one made (made a few months after the others) and uses all the tricks I learned since I made this example. If you understand how it works, the 3rd option is best for this Jump.

Project originally cloned from Semisolid Platforms
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