Drive Nero

By: JR 01
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     Mobile - export

Available in Google Play Store:

After Google Play Release:


  • You can now select other characters
  • Loading screen has added text
  • Unlocking the UFO now works
  • Intro should be fixed on more platforms
  • Ads play correctly


  • Death High score displays correctly
  • Blend/Hide UI for the 1 Frame of loading on mobile
  • Hide All objects for the first time loading on the loading level
  • Added animation to the link icon in Shop
  • Fix Flowlab characters prices
  • Change AD death 20% --> 30%


  • Fixed the typo in the Shop
  • Fixed the word jumble in the loading screen


  • Buttons don't make you jump (on website)
  • Mute affects High Score sound
  • You can now unpause the game (if on HTML)
  • Restart button added
  • Unmute now plays when unmuting


  • Fixed UFO select button when scrolling back
  • Added UI click in Game level
  • Fixed Button Jumping
  • Fixed Paused lag for enemies


  • Use constant poles / no Spawns
  • Fixed Sports Car jump animation
  • Added to the pause system
  • Fixed the Pause that's causing double spawn
  • Pause again only after a spawn
  • Fixed Jump animation when paused


  • Change speed from a timer to an always filter


The Big Update

  • Changed ALL timers for spawn rate and speed to framrate and filters


  • Replaced old labels
  • Quicker Pause after Death


  • Fixed a few issues after a Flowlab update
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