Diamondsion Assault nLite


(Neon Lightning)

v0.08-a / Updated 8.5.19

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Not all controls yet available

Move - Directional Keys / Dpad / L Stick

Run - Shift / L1 / R1

Jump - S / A (X) / Y (/\)

Shoot - D / X ([_]) / B (O)

Shield - A / L2 / R2

Pause - Enter / Start

Controller Exclusive

8 Directional Shooting - R Stick

About Diamondsion Assault

Diamondsion Assault takes place on Exoplanet Tactix, in the "Diamond Dimension" sector, in the age 29XX, before the events of Shifter MetaCyber (Another project I've been working on since 2015.)

Play as Mhx Air and Crystal Aero, and explore the planet to fight off the demonic alien invaders that are showing up, and defeat Ahlekah, their leader and creator.

Tactians, those that live on Tactix, are MetaCybers, which are nanocell bodies controlled by a strong willed spirit that refuses to pass on, and only seeks eternal adventure.

Full lore is documented for later use in Shifter MetaCyber

About the history of Mhx/Diamondsion

The Diamondsion and the idea of MHX were concepts I came up with way back in the very early 2000s, and sometime around 2003 I made an RPG Maker concept. Roughly mid 2010, I joined a game dev team and attempted to make the game for PSP homebrew, then later I joined in 2013, and built the game concept to the best of my ability with the limits of the flowlab early beta engine. Over the years, flowlab has gotten many updates, and the original game no longer works at all like it used to. I have decided to rebuild the game, better than it ever was before.

All concept art pending

DA nLite is a demo game built to showcase

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