A Tale of Light and Darkness

By: Crossed Sword Games
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This Game and everything in this game was made by me including music and sprites using Music Maker Jam and Pixilart: https://www.pixilart.com/pixel-lord-12 This Game was made for Flowjam 2020.

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Made with Flowlab.io Adobe Flash Education Edition. A Tale of Light and Darkness™ is copyright To Crossed Sword Games ©

The Game Took 2 Weeks To Create. Inevitable this will cause Glitches and Bugs. if So, Do Post on Flowlab Forum http://forum.flowlab.io/ about the Issue so After results of the Flowjam is released I may Fix It.


Space To FIRE
E to EXIT (No Undoing)
Arrow keys to MOVE
R to Reload The Page
Spam Left and Right Arrow Keys To Use LADDER


As The Darkness seeks to overthrow the light as in the Dawn of Time Divine Entities Created the Harbinger of Light "Lithios" to stop the Darkness and Defeat the 2 Lords of Darkness and Bring Peace and Illumination to the Universe.

Extra Information Inside.

"A Tale of Light and Darkness was a really ambitious entry, and I really enjoyed playing it" - Grazer

"The game looks pretty good, and the intro was amazing, though the controls and mechanics are a bit tough sometimes" - Rcreger

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