Light Aegis

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                       ~~This is my Flowjam submission~~

It is the year 3000. In Light Aegis, you take place of a man in the first ever instance of the Trials. The Trials take place every 100 years, and this is the first ever time. In the Trials, you are sent to Cerodil, a dark planet where they have set up three trials. The goal is to collect the Light Aegis and teleport back to Earth. 1st level In this level you have to make your way to a portal at the end of the level. It is parkour, and you need to defeat Riks along the way. A Rik is a ghost-like creature which can kill you in a single touch. 2nd level This trial involves a gate, a timer and some keys. You have 200 seconds to find a green key, a blue key, and a red key. once you collect them you have to use the number buttons (1, 2, 3) to shoot them at the gate. You can only shoot them once, and if you miss you will have to restart. 3rd level This level involves defeating a pack of Riks. You will have to defeat them one by one and parkour to collect a token (use the spacebar to shoot again). You have to collect all three tokens separately, since they all spawn in the same place and don't stack. After all three trials you have to find the Light Aegis. Once you find it you have to touch it, and the game will end back at earth. This is my second major game, and I hope you people like it.

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