Cupid's Curse

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Cupid only has 12 hours to save the world from the evil clutches of King Zultar. The most feared fire-breathing snake in all of Zulton.

Zultar will stop at nothing to plunge the world into total darkness. Only Cupid can now lift the curse and stop him with his arrows of light.

S = Make Cupid Fly Higher K = Fire Cupid's Arrows

(Top Tip - Hold down K until the arrow is fully charged to release a powerful fireball arrow, this is more helpful on certain levels!).

I created this game with mobile in mind. I would add ghosted buttons bottom left and bottom right in place of the keys. I purchased the cupid sprite and made changes, I also had a bundle of bosses without animation I purchased. The plan is to add animation to those.

Official Flowjam 2020 Game

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