SCP: World's End

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Welcome to SCP Site-19, where you can roleplay, fight, or help each other. //////////////////

What is SCP?

SCP Stands for Secure, Contain Protect. It is a free writer's wiki for paranormal creatures where scientists try to explain the paranormal phenomenon using test subjects, named Class-Ds.

How to play

Use Q and W to change character. Use the arrow keys to move, shift to sprint, 1 to use flashlight, 2 to use kaycard, and S to level up your keycard, as well as A to lower it. Most doors need a keycard to access. Use 3 to swap through guns, and spacebar to shoot.


There are no currently known bugs other than a small health glitch. IF you find a bug, please report it immediately to . Thanks! If your health bar doesn't show up, press 9. DON'T GO INTO THE WORMHOLE //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Music credits: Aujora, SCP Main Theme

Purple Planet, SCP-5000 Music

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