Dungeon game

By: F3Art
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(this game is very unfininished)

wasd to move, left click to shoot/attack. right click when near a chest to open it. stone walls are destructable. white glowing objects give you a new weapon when you collide with them. weapons that you have are saved. tiny blue hearts drop from chests and enemies. when yiou collect them, you heal half a heart. currently coins do nothing. sorry.

press 1 to equip your starting pistol. when you have collected more weapons, press 2 for the shotgun, 3 for the key, 4 for the rocketfist, 5 for the battleaxe, 6 for sniper rifle.

all of the weapons are kind of wacky, so don't be surprised if you teleport to the position of your axe, or launch a rocketfist that comes back like a boomerang.

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