Idle Gear | Flowjam 2020 Summer | (Discontinued)


Made in 2 weeks for Flowjam 2020 Summer

Rated 3.5/5 by the Crigence Critique

Idle Gear

Build up income and upgrades to run your factory during the day, and use your earnings to defend it at night. You only have a limited amount of time each day so chose your upgrades wisely!


S / Left Mouse Click -- Shoot

P -- Pause

All art, music, and sound effects are made from scratch.

How To Play

All you have to remember is during the day you need to focus on upgrades, and during the night put all your time into fending your factory off from zombies. During the day your main focus is gaining income. Whether it be spam clicking the clicker, or swatting flies you just want to rack up that cash. Be cautious though, because there are still a few zombies that like to come out during the day.



The yield upgrade makes your factory produce more money for every bit of gloop that enters the bin.


Hired workers make slow, but large amounts of income. The first three workers all work the same but the final Zombie worker is able to produce income during the night which is quite valuable.


Defenses take the burden of having to manually shoot all the zombies at night, which in later waves is almost impossible to do. The higher the defense upgrade, the faster and higher damaging your turret will be.

Kills - Money Conversion

It's a little hidden at the bottom of the shop but is a great way to stack up some money over night. Every kill counts as however much your yield is, and that money of course be used on all other upgrades in the shop.