FlowJam 2020- The Time We Lost

204 Plays

Fight off monsters from another timeline as Forest Ranger Ed!

           || Controls ||
          A and D to move

            W to jump

         left click to shoot

Note: When an enemy gets close to you the panic mechanic kicks in, what is the panic mechanic? The panic mechanic makes it so that when an enemy is about to kill you, you're given one last chance to kill it by slowing down the flow of time*!

*Please note that this mechanic may malfunction at times due to a bug in Flowlab, I've done everything I could do to fix it and it SHOULD work..

This entire Game was made by me in two week for SummerJam 2020 excluding: some of the player controller, and a song made by my brother.

Thank you to my parents for letting me spend so much time on this, and the Lord for giving me the inspiration and the opportunity to do this :D

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