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This game was originally developed for the Summer 2020 FlowJam. Since then I've continued to develop it and will list any changes in this description. To check out the (outdated) original version submitted for the FlowJam, you can go here.

Major updates are currently in progress. I've shut down the game while updating it to be sure players don't encounter game breaking errors while I add new content/make revisions to existing content. Originally I was just going to polish up existing levels add a couple features along with side-scrolling levels. However, I ended up re-working Tread's move-set and animations along with a lot of other smaller tweaks that are taking up a lot of time. I'm hoping to be finished soon! The play area above features new additions as I add them. Because of this you may encounter glitches/slowdown as I tinker with mechanics.

I've listed my progress below if you are interested. Thank you for playing and thanks for your patience!

(Last updated 9/18/20)

  • Added ability for Tread to double jump, throw themself like a Frisbee, and glide down to the ground
  • Added ability to spin and duck along the ground
  • Tightened movement to be less variable
  • Improved Tread's animations for Idling, Jumping, Swimming, while on magnetic blocks, and while Frisbee-ing
  • Added side-scrolling with checkpoint system
  • Adjusted colors of backgrounds and tiles
  • Added pass through platforms, water, magnetic blocks, and obstacle blocks that follow you.
  • Simplified physics for hazard blocks and altered water visuals to improve game performance
  • Finished "Waiting Song" (Name changed to "Dive")
  • Finished art assets.
  • Finished Tile animations
  • Finished mechanics
  • Currently reworking and adding levels

Help T.R.E.A.D. pass their agility test!

  • Use Left and Right arrow keys to move, and the Up arrow key to jump
  • Press the Up arrow key again after jumping to throw yourself like a Frisbee (it's a double jump)
  • Hold the Up arrow after double jumping to smoothly float (like a Frisbee)
  • Swim with Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys
  • After leaping out of the water, you can Double Jump
  • Use magnetic walls with Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys
  • After jumping off any magnetic wall, you can Double Jump
  • You can double jump off of springs
  • Hold down to pass through thin platforms
  • Press "H" to return to the Hub World at any point (disabled).
  • Press "F" to toggle full-screen mode
  • Press "M" to mute music.
  • This game saves your progress at the Hub World.

All music composed by me in Bosca Ceoil. All art made by me in Microsoft Paint and with Piskel. Sound effects are default sound effects within the Flowlab engine. Photosensitivity/epilepsy seizure warning sourced from here.

Thank you for playing!

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