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This game was originally developed for the Summer 2020 FlowJam. To check out the (outdated) original version submitted for the FlowJam, you can go here.

If you’d like to offer any feedback or have any questions, pop by the Tread Forum Post


  • Use [A] and [D] keys to move, [W] key to jump, and [S] key to turn into a ball
  • Jumping is variable, so if you hold [W] longer you'll jump higher
  • If you let go of jump after jumping, then hold jump before landing, you will jump as soon as you touch the ground.
  • While in the air, tap [S] to rush to the ground and bounce up as a ball.
  • While in the air, if you hold [S] you will slam into the ground as a ball without bouncing.
  • Double tap [A] or [D] to dash on the ground or in the air.
  • Hold [S] to pass through thin platforms
  • Press "F" to toggle full-screen mode
  • Press "M" to mute music

Special thanks to JR01 and PixelPizza for their Advanced Ease Bundle which I used for camera movement.

All music composed by me in Bosca Ceoil and using the KORG M01D on Nintendo 3DS. All art made by me in Piskel. Sound effects are default sound effects within the Flowlab engine except for elevator sound which is found here.

Thank you for playing!

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