A Stitch In Time


youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM25uQ1JrZJCazIP3eg_Aig

this game was made for summer flowjam 2020 in two weeks around the theme "it's about time"

the game is currently being remastered

"a stitch in time saves the nine"

you are on a mission to save a small floating island with 9 robotic inhabitants (including you). a time wound in the center of a cave has been causing the island to be slowly ripped apart. you must stitch the time wound closed before the island is destroyed.

once you enter the cave your time will count down from 60 seconds. getting too close to a time bandit will drain your time twice as fast. rush through the cave with limited time and try to make it to the time wound as fast as you can. remember, you can destroy glowing barrels to gain extra time.

purchase upgrades from the shopkeeper for starting time (how much time you have when you start the cave) to enhance your abilities.

WASD to move. left click and hold to load your bow. release to shoot. white outlined objects an be shot or interacted with via E MENU: press the square in the corner to activate fullscreen. as with other flowlab games, esc. to exit fullscreen. click on the music note to change the music that plays. click the face to change difficulty.

if you come across any bugs, or you have any suggestions message me on the flowlab forums.