Curse of the Were-Loaf (Jam Version)


Disclaimer: This game is undergoing slight changes, so things may be a little buggy for a short period of time.

Summer 2020 Flowjam entry

Theme: It's About Time

Basics: WASD to move, you can left click on objects with a white or green glow to interact with them. Right clicking on your items in your hotbar will sell them, but right clicking on the hourglass will reset time instead. Right clicking on plants with fertilizer in your inventory will use the fertilizer to grow the plant.

Story: You have been cruelly tasked by the king to prepare a cake for his daughter's birthday by the end of Friday! That isn't enough time to prepare a cake and make enough money for the royal sprinkles needed to top it! Help Lloyd overcome this issue by making money, buying recipes, and rewinding time to get the task done. Oh and did I mention that Lloyd is a werewolf?

Shortcut Keys:

E - Open Inventory

TAB - Toggle Full screen (Recommended)

P - Toggle Pause

R - Toggle Recipe Book

If you would like full information on game mechanics then you can check out the virtual manual here: