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welcome to the level editor! you can view updates below https://community.flowlab.io/t/level-creator-update-log/27719/7

Controls: WASD to control editor camera, arrow keys to move after pressing play, use number keys to switch objects (it tells you which number goes to which object), press L to switch to the second row of objects and press L again to switch back, press enter to play your level and return back to the editor, to switch themes use U, I, O, and P The 4 Themes:

Theme 1 = Grass (press U to switch) Theme 2 = Sky (press O to switch) (W.I.P) Theme 3 = Cave (press I to switch) (W.I.P) Theme 4 = Twilight (press P to switch) (W.I.P), click to place objects. use after you place new objects. Thats all!

(recommended if you get lag)> replace play with embed on the url or click below https://flowlab.io/game/embed/1498932

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