taile gamougg 3: Journey Through The Land of Blocks

By: GamougGaming
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The taile of gamougg is allegedly complete.

Gamougg and friends suffer the consequences of their last adventure. Pro Gabrielfo's massacred Shadow Bats are corrupted beyond repair and must be exterminated. However, Gamougg, Pro, and Gamougg's sister Gia discover a secret money-laundering operation after entering a VR knockoff of Minecraft...


WAD or Arrow Keys - Movement

Shift - Deploy Shield Blocks

\ - Dash Right

CTRL - Dash Left

S - Equip Eggdude Rifle and shoot it.

SPACEBAR - Equip SMG and shoot it.

/ - Equip Ice Bomber and shoot it.

Y - Unequip Main and Sub Weapons

H - Spawn a spike (you will need this for mind puzzles and tricks too!).

P - Pause ( t i m e )

BACKSPACE - Restart Level

` - Restart Game

Number Keys (1-9) - Change Outfit (Optional)

R - Remove Outfit (Optional)

You’ll heal every 9 seconds, but you can heal faster by jumping on Shadow Bats, collecting Electrolytes from Electrolyte Nylium, using the Lore Shredder's finishing move on enemies or other sources.

Locate and grab Costume Statues to wear special costumes!

Press N to play as Pro Gabrielfo. The move controls (jump, move left, move right) are the same, but to dash right you must press D, and press A to dash left. Press the numbers 1 through 4 to summon that number of shadow clones. Press CapsLock to summon permanent shadows. Pressing X will destroy these, while C will make them shoot Ghostballs. Press spacebar for yourself to shoot Ghostballs. Note: If you die as Pro Gabrielfo, or finish the level with him, he will not respawn. You must press Escape twice to continue. If you wish to play as Pro Gabrielfo again, simply press N. Wait for the level to fully load before doing the process described above.

Vehicle Controls:

= to fly up, [ to rotate left, ] to rotate right, and ; to fly down. To move left and right, use the dash buttons. Noob Saibot cannot fit in the vehicle, and must use the vehicle dedicated to him. To enter the vehicle, simply hop into the seat. To exit, simply hop out.

Sound and Music Attribution

Level 1 music from https://audiotrimmer.com/royalty-free-music/ Certain sound effect from https://freesound.org/s/44429/ Death Gauntlet music by TommyMutiu from Pixabay Tutorial music by AlexGrohl from Pixabay Level 6 music by GeriArt from Pixabay Level 3 music by AlexGrohl from Pixabay Level 4 music by lemonmusicstudio from Pixabay Level 5 music by AlexGrohl from Pixabay Level 2 music by Muzaproduction from Pixabay

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