Oddy Testing 1

By: Agent Y
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Welcome to Explorer!

A randomly generated cave exploration roguelite-ish game I made!

Join this discord if you want to give feedback https://discord.gg/f7uSdGE69H

  • WASD or ZQSD to move, Shift to sprint
  • The green bar is your health, when its empty you die and lose half of your money, the rest goes into a chest that you can find where you died
  • 1 and 2 to switch between pickaxes and shovels
  • The red number is your pickaxes (the bar is a cooldown and they resets each time you extract)
  • The blue number is your shovels (same as pickaxes except is digs out an dark gray room instead of a light gray one)
  • The pink number is your current runs money
  • The gold number is the money you've banked
  • The orange number shows you how far you are from the start
  • Click on the hole to start exploring
  • Click on a walls to dig if you're stuck (uses 1 shovel)
  • Hold V to show the nearest unexplored room
  • Click on chests to open them and get money (the farther you are from spawn the more money you get)
  • Click on the light to extract and bank your money (resets the caves)
  • T to activate the super cool still camera mode
  • F for full-screen
  • Click on the Gambling Machine to turn it on, choose the amount of money to bet with the arrows then click the machine again to play (40% chance to double your money, or you lose it all)

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