A Game of Luck

By: John Post
246 Plays


  • Use the number keys to enter your bet amount, then tap your chip area to confirm.
  • When both players have placed bets, tap the coin to reveal the bet amounts to both players.
  • Then, tap the coin again to flip it. Whichever color the coin lands on is the winner.


  • The betting order alternates each round.
  • You may play "hidden bets," where only the player who is currently betting is allowed to look at the screen. Neither player knows how much, if any, the other has bet until the coin is tapped revealing both bets before the flip.


  • You may bet 0 or more chips.
  • You may only bet as many chips as you have.
  • If you are negative, you may only bet 0 chips.
  • If you choose not to bet (0 chips), you will gain 1 if you win and stay the same if you lose.
  • If only one player bets (more than 0 chips), they will gain or lose the amount they bet.
  • If both players bet, the winner steals the entire amount bet by both players from the loser.


  • Betting 0 chips ensures that you won't lose anything.
  • Being able to guess whether your opponent made a bet gives you an advantage.
  • If your opponent has 0 or less chips, you can still lose chips you bet. However, you know for certain they can't bet. Therefore, there is no possibility of them gaining from your bet.
  • The game is not only about gaining more chips, but also losing less chips than your opponent.
  • Betting 1 is pointless in most situations, because you can gain 1 from betting 0. However, if you are down by a lot and want a chance to come back, betting 1 allows you the possibility of stealing the other person's bet.
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