Child of the Tribe

216 Plays

Made for Flowjam 2021 in 12 days


*ASDW to move

*Space to Jump *Note you can jump only when you are above the stone layer

*W to climb trees if there is a ladder near by

*E to interact Note if the E pop out

*R to attack *Note after you selected a weapon

*T to open your tasks

*Click the text cloud of the tribe characters to make a dialogue and click one of the two leaves to pick an answer

*Click the question clouds that may apear in some objects, to learn something about them

*F Fullscreen


You are a child found in the jungle a few years ago by this tribe, back then the tribe had a totem which was protecting them from enemys, one day the wizard of the tribe was doing some spells and by accident he infected some lakes in the tribe, as a resault these lake not only they were infected by poisonous liquids but some monsters started to spawn called outlanders, then these monster took the totem which was protecting the tribe and another tribe found it having it till now

Goal Of The Game

Grew up, you start as a child and you have to become a teenager, speak with the characters of the tribe to do tasks get weapon and learn about the game, and once you became a teenager you have the permision to leave the tribe and get the totem back.


Code: Me

Art: Me


Diologues Writen By me and a good friend of mine called Fotis

Music: Potriel

Sounds:Flowlab and Me

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